Sidewalk Astronomy

Sidewalk Astronomy is Bendigo's favourite astronomy event and is held every month next to the Discovery Science and Technology Centre, 7 Railway Place (opposite Marketplace)
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Bring the family to see cool astro-stuff through our telescopes, our volunteers will give you a tour of the features of night sky. Small groups welcome.
For more information contact: Brien Blackshaw, Ph 03 5447 7690, Email:

October 2023
Friday, 20 October @ 8:00 pm EDST
The crescent Moon in fine detail, the Jewel Box cluster, Alpha Centauri and Alpha Crux around the Southern Cross and the Omega Centauri globular cluster. Enjoyment for all the family and all for a gold coin donation.
Weather Update - 7:30 pm:

November 2023
Friday, 17 November @ 8:00 pm EDST
A slim, crescent Moon, the Jewel Box cluster, Omega Centauri globular cluster and maybe our first glimpse of Saturn with its beautiful rings, all for a gold coin donation. A great family activity.
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December 2023
Friday, 22 December @ 8:30 pm EDST
A waxing gibbous Moon with plenty of detail to view, the Jewel Box, Omega Centauri, Saturn's rings and possibly a first glimpse of Jupiter with its Galilean Moons. All for a gold coin donation. Bring the family.
Weather Update - 8:00 pm:

January 2024
Friday, 19 January @ 9:00 pm EDST
1st Quarter Moon in fine detail, Saturn and its rings, Jupiter and its Galilean Moons, Orion Nebula, Pleiades Cluster. All for a gold coin donation.
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February 2024
Friday 16 February @ 8:30 pm EDST
1st Quarter Moon close up, Saturn and Jupiter our spectacular gas giants, Orion Nebula, Pleiades Cluster, All for a gold coin donation.
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March 2024
Friday 15 March @ 7:30 pm EDST
Crescent Moon in fine detail, Jupiter and Saturn, Orion Nebula. All for a gold coin donation.
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April 2024
Friday 20 April @ 6:00 pm EST
Waxing gibbous Moon, Jupiter with its moons and the Jewel Box cluster
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Watch this space for further dates!